See how Susoft tools are built to work together.

Susoft develops a flexible solution that is suitable for many industries. We offer great solutions for secure payment in addition to a robust and secure Pos running on Android OS from Google. Our solutions are perfect for a single store, or chains with hundreds of stores. 

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    Susoft is the complite toolbox

    All you need is Pos hardware. Everything else is handled by our cloud solution. Cheap and very easy for you. 

    • Go for a quick, safe and affordable solution
    • Use our Pos hardware, a tablet or a mobile as Pos.
    • Sell in many channels. Shop, eCommerce, stands and many more. 
    • Consider what works best for you
    • Make sure you get the money easy and fast

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    Start, manage, and help grow your entire business

    The great thing about Susoft is that you can start as a small business and grow into a multinational group without changing the solution. 

    • Run from 1 to 100++ shop’s without any hassle
    • Manage your one and Franchise  stores from one place
    • Maintain product, prises, campaigns and a lot more from one place
    • Manage all in a bullet prof and secure system

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    Increase your efficiency with Susoft

    Susoft is a flexible solution that gives you many opportunities to tailor the solution for your business, whether small or large.

    • You can start with a simple solution that works tabularly and securely. You can grow in the solution in step with the evolution of your business.
    • You can choose the payment solution that suits you best. Add and customize items and modifiers
    • Build menus anytime, from anywhere
    • Set employee permissions and passcodes to protect your business point of sale

Sell it all with Susoft hardware.

Accept payments fast from anywhere. Susoft has hardware solutions that let you ring up items quickly in your store and on the go.

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