Susoft and Canteen is a perfect mix

Operating a canteen can be a major challenge. Prices are squeezed and efficiency is important. In the Susoft solution, you will find many opportunities to achieve efficiency. You can simplify payment with bonus cards where the customer charges the card now online. Furthermore, you can use “self-service POS”, but most importantly, is an efficient and robust POS.

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Susoft helps you increase sales and service levels…

Starting the use Susoft

Order system through a registration on this website, or through the order from one of our dealers.


Follow-up of inventory is simple, down to the color, size and length, if desired.

More payment options

Susoft accept course, be cash, cards, bonus, invoice and you can split the payment if you wish.


Want to offer repair of items such as boats, cars, bicycles, computers, mobile and much more, the service module is perfect for you.

Built-in online store

Looking to sell on line, our integrated online store super easy to start with. Here you started with some keystrokes.

Chain solution

Do you have 2 or 100+ stores? The system works as easily and effectively anyway.

Work “Offline”

Continue to sell even if internet is down. The system will automatically synchronize with the cloud when the network is up.

Free updates

With a valid license will be automatically updated to the latest editions without you noticing anything. 

Treat each customer like a VIP

Easily view customers sales history,  sold products, price, discount, preferred and much more

We’re bringing a lot to the table. Let’s review.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure 
  • Cover all you need in your Retail store
  • Set employee permissions and passcodes to protect your shop point of sale
  • Track your sale, stock, return, and everything important key figure in a sec   


  • Reliable fast and safe
  • Integrated bank terminal 
  • Use RFID reader to easy build custom club


  • Fast payment
  • Add and customize items and modifiers
  • Build menus anytime, from anywhere
  • Set employee permissions and passcodes to protect your shop point of sale
Susoft Marketing Software

Flexible pricing

Free for individuals, 30-day free trial for teams. Always affordable for everyone.


$23Per month



$53Per month