Conducting a good cafe, requires passion, dedication, and good practices. Susoft POS help with a solution that provides the flexibility to do what you do best. It’s fast, secure and easy to use. 

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    You can also use the tablet to take orders.

    Do you have a tablet on checkout, you can just take it with you to the table and take the order. The order is in the kitchen before you leave the table. Naturally, you can take orders at checkout behind the counter as before. Everything is up to you and what fits best. You can add notes, park orders, take payment directly to avoid failures. Your customers will love your service. And you can handle multiple clients in a short time.

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    Perfect for quick service

    Susoft is quick to use. You can use the built-in context menu or scan items as you wish. You can add notes, or mark the order with a table. Printing work orders to the kitchen is a breeze.

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    Bring new customers in

    ‘Under the radar’ isn’t cool. Susoft POS for coffee shops and cafes has the tools to market your business. Capture customer emails or mobile number when they pay, then use MailChimp to keep in touch.

It's made for you

With everything you need for follow-up and growth

Starting the use of Susoft is easy

You start by creating an account online. You can immediately start the process of entering goods. 


Inventory management is an important routine for full management with one of the biggest costs in many companies. Here Susoft helps you to have full control over all types of products. It can be pieces, liters, kg, grams or packages

More payment options

We try hard every day to be on top of features, security and stability in our solutions, but we are also far ahead on all types of alternative payment types.

Simplify your selling.
Treat each customer as a VIP

Easily view customers’  personal details, notes, and purchase history so you’re prepared for each visit.

Invite your customer to join the custom club

Customize and personalize to create offerings that satisfy the unique needs of each customer.  It’s much easier to do when you already know the customer.  

Earn and keep their trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. The easiest way to build trust with your customers is by keeping your promises and making things easy to understand. 

Flexible pricing

Free for business with less the 1000 transactions per year. Always affordable for everyone.


$23Per month



$53Per month


More ways to help you grow.



Discover what’s important to your customers. Earn and keep their trust. Take pride in what you do. Offer incentives. All these important issues can be easier to achieve using Susoft.   We can help you, but you need to do the job. 



There is a bunch of ways to do marketing, but here is some basic idea you need to consider. 1) When it comes to your pitch, get out of your comfort zone. 2) Leverage your existing network. 3) Build a relationship. 4) Continue expanding your network. 5) Speak at an event or host an industry gathering. Susoft is a perfect tool helping you manage all these steps. 



Trust is an important word. Susoft is a solution you can trust. It works day after day, week after week, year after year. You get no surprises. Similarly, your customers must be able to trust you. That you deliver and are reliable. If you want a perfect match, Susoft is the solution for you.