You’re open for business with Susoft Online Store.

Sell and accept online payments with our newest solution, Susoft Online Store. Create an eCommerce website, list your products, set up Susoft for payments, and you’re ready for online sales.

Integrate Susoft into your site with Susoft APIs.

We rely one of the most used eCommerce platform in the World. 

Magento has given us the power to create unique, and engaging customer shopping experience. There are many rich, out-of-the-box features and seamless third-party integrations we can utilize.

Susoft provides integrated core commerce features including cloud hosting and deployment, support, business intelligence and tools to accelerate your sales. Plus, Susoft pairs you with Magento in a unique way so you can manage the hole system pos and eCommerce from one place.  


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What can Susoft offer you?

Easy to use Software

  • Create av new eCommerce solution in minutes
  • Maintain and add products one place for all channels 

Robust and reliable

  • We are using some of the new and hot features like PWA (Progressive Web Application) 
  • The eCommerce solution act like an app on the mobile
  • See the webpage on the mobile even if you are offline
  • Be able to chat with you eCommerce customer (option)


  • Choose payment vendor based on your one needs covers
  • Choose a version where you will be charged for every transaction or only a license fee. 
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Scale your eCommerce business with our partners.

Start with our free solution.

Start with our free solution and learn how to sell online. Create an account, post items and see how it is in our free online store. Here you can receive orders and then send an invoice to the customer. When an invoice is paid, you ship the goods.

If you want to let the customer pay directly in the online store, you can use our Verifone payment solution. Here you are paid 2.9% of the transaction amount. No fixed fees.

Use our Magento eCommerce solution.

If you are really investing heavily in eCommerce, it may be right to go for our Magento online store solution. Susoft is perfectly integrated and it all works seamlessly. If you shop and sell online, there is only one maintenance.

Let's talk about a custom rate.

You’re not alone. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Reach us on chat, email, or by phone and we can help you launch your online store with confidence. Have questions about susoft Online Store?