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Our commerce and Pos platform give you world-class enterprise speed and security to improve your day-to-day business.

Café, restaurant, and canteen

Susoft supports all businesses in the café, restaurant and canteen. 



If you sell shoes, clothes or accessories, Susoft can help you 



Any can  of Workshop can be supported by Susoft solution 

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    Your Susoft account in the cloud can contain over 1000 stores.

    Back Office in Susoft contains tools for efficient management of large product databases, many stores, many employees and much more in a secure and user-friendly solution.

    The portal in the cloud, we call G1 and here you have access to all the tools you need to run a large chain of stores.


  • BI helps you make decisions

    An Enterprice business should have a good solution for all business processes in the organization. Susoft delivers everything from quick and efficient pos solutions to back office that handles complete flow of goods. Here we are talking about purchasing, goods receipt, residual handling, invoice checking, and transfer seamlessly to ERP. We sales, we handle efficient store operations, online sales and marketing through all new channels. The Swogger API makes it easy to integrate with your own and external systems.

  • You can trust the system

    We have a distributed, scalable system which can have 99.99% uptime, possibility to integrate changes without downtime, automated testing. We use Spring Boot and running Marie DB or Casandra.
    We ensure it’s not possible to lose data (Mysql cluster or Cassandra)  using Doker/Kubernetes cluster and also using CI/CD for automated testing and deployment.  Susoft helps you manage massive amount of data, fast, without losing sleep. 

Susoft adapts and adjusts on the fly to the complexity of multiple stores and multiple employees

When you run a Chain, there are many business processes that are more important than running a few stores. All work on orders, orders, inventory management, marketing and more must be managed to a greater extent from the head office. This is where Susoft is really good.

Built for big businesses

Susoft provides developers with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, detailed documentation, and sample code that make it simple to learn and build on the Susoft platform.

Get started with the susoft API.

Save time and streamline your business. Create your free account to get started integrating Susoft with the popular aAPI.

Sophisticated reporting made simple.

We concentrate on providing you with key figures for your operations. Key figures you can dive into and analyze. Numbers that allow you to make changes that give effect. In addition to our standard reports that cover most, you can create your own reports through Google Data Studio or other tools.

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