Susoft Retail Solution

A complete store solution that allows you to sell through many channels.


Pos Solution from Susoft

Click, search or scan

 Susoft made it easy to complete  sale.

Choose payment method

Your customers can pay by credit card, cash, bonus or send even send invoice.

Print receipt, or send a receipt by mail.

A better way to send copy of the receipt and keep in touch with customers.





eCommerce and Android pad as Pos

Integrated online store

Move your store up and running with a few clicks. Your products, inventory, orders and customers are automatically integrated.

Real-time synchronization

No more duplication. Whether you sell in stores, online or mobile store, warehouse always is correct.


All orders come to you via Susoft “back-office”. So if the orders came from the store, shop or mobile shop, does not matter. Your employees need only to deal with one system.




Integrated bankterminal

Susoft is integrated with the terminals both from the Nets and Verifone. You can choose among all the terminals that are able to integrate with Checkout via IP (Erthernet) or Bluetooth.


Service ordre

Susoft store data handling service orders.

  • Create service order in store, immediately available for workshop
    Workshop can follow up all orders via own screen
    All orders can be followed up on status
    Send sms when the task is performed


Powerful CRM

Susoft is a platform that provides the opportunity for better monitoring of your customers.

Susoft give it a CRM system that enables you to follow up and have a dialogue with your customers. You can send sms, mail or “instent message” via separate app. You can create campaigns to send out at the specified time.

Report you understand

Information is useful only if it makes sense, Susoft gives you a great opportunity to gather data via checkout or eCommerce. This information is presented in a intuetiv way so you can easily see how you can use your data. Take the right decisions when it comes to purchasing, who will work in the store and when, what your employees should be trained in and much more.

Susoft provides the opportunity to create a better Business.


Import / export via EDI or Excel

Susoft has many options for importing data via EDI or EXCEL. This allows you to import goods, customers or orders directly into the system. Easy and efficiently you can stay updated on all new items from your suppliers without tedious registration.


Brukervennlig utstyr

Susoft is much more than one a great Android tablet. It is a complete system for stores and retail chains with all necessary equipment and a powerful cloud platform with a back that will impress even large chain stores.

A complete system that is designed to give you and your customers a good experience in store and online. Empower your employees to focus on the important things like service and a great customer experience, without having to spend time figuring out how the system works.


Start the use of our cash solution within days.

Everything from sales and inventory management to integrated payment processes.