Susoft Inventory Management

Can easily be used for one store up to several hundred

  • Build a customer loyalty program

    Complete purchasing procedures

    In Susoft you can register all orders immediately. You can then send the order by mail to your supplier.

    You can also register the order at your supplier’s online store and receive the confirmation electronically in EDI, XML or JSON format.
    When you receive the goods, you can pick up the order and check that the delivery is correct according to order.

    You can also set up an automatic purchase routine based on Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity.

    The system handles invoice checking and balance deliveries.

  • Susoft store data for Hairdresser

    Full control of goods reception

    When you receive goods, you must be able to quickly check the correct quantity and update the stock.

    You should also be able to enter a barcode if this is missing. Correct number if delivery is not complete.

    Possibility of efficient handling of variants such as size and color.



Inventory management

Inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.

A key function of inventory management is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale.  

Susoft gives you full control on your Inventory management.

Use Susoft Inventory Management to run a better business

Susoft makes complex routines easy .

Everyone knows that Inventory management is important. The key to success is to follow the routines. Don’t forget to register an order you took by phone. Don’t forget to update both in and out prices. Work on creating new items and maintaining the ones you already have.

It’s about good routines. These can be found in Susoft. Inventory management is an important step on the road to success in your business.

Full control over all parts of the Inventory process .

You need control over the sea you have in order, what is delivered, what is left over, what the costs of the next deliveries will be. You must be able to tell your customers when sold-out items are expected again, you must get this information out in your online store.


If you are using Susoft Enterpris, then Inventory Management is free

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