Effortlessly send professional invoices and estimates

With Susoft you can create orders, make offers and send invoices by mail. You can create items with your own item number, text and price. You can try all this for free.

Enter customer’s email

When you add a new customer, you add the mail address.

Enter the amount

You add the items the customer wants. You can check coverage and customer history if you wish.

Hit Send

Press the send and invoice button in the customer’s mailbox within seconds.

Get your money fast.

Automatic invoice – reminder

You can choose whether to send a reminder of unpaid invoices by mail, SMS or both. Everything is controlled automatically. 

Automatic invoice – reminder on SMS or Mail

Sign up for Susoft Card to get free, real-time access to your funds. It’s a business debit card with no monthly fees, sign-up fees, or any other hidden fees.

See every payment in real time

Get your money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Unlike with many other payment processors, this comes standard—no extra fees required.

Build a customer loyalty program
  • Custom invoices for your business

    You can, of course, upload your own logo and choose from several invoice templates. You can set the number of days before ‘due date’, per customer group, per customer or generally for all customers. You can determine the number of days before the first reminder, or how many days before the claim is transferred to debt collection if you wish to use this service.

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    Use estimates to book your next job

    Since you have placed all your products in Susoft, both with in and out prices, we can easily calculate coverage contributions. In addition, you can plug in modules for purchasing and inventory management. Combined with billing routine, this becomes the perfect tool for those looking for an integrated, easy-to-use solution.

Start invoicing now

Quickly and easily create and send invoices right from the Susoft Invoices app, your desktop, or within Susoft Point of Sale.

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Our commerce platform combines world-class enterprise payments, hardware, and security to improve your day-to-day business.

Always free to send

There are only a small monthly fees.

Set up your free Susoft account now.

Start taking payments from your computer in minutes.

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