Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes

Why marketing is so important 

You can build an airport, but no aircraft will come by itself. You can open a physical store or online store, but no customers come by themselves. You have to tell the world that you exist and that you have an offer. Here, cheap effective marketing is the key to success. Register mail or mobile number for your customers. Send them an email or SMS when you have some extra good deals you want to tell. Use social media.

Susoft helps you make it easy for you to create professional mail and SMS. We make your way to success easier.


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Use the easiest and fastest way to marketing
By using customer API can you easily use Mail Chimp for marketing via mail. You can also send SMS directly from Susoft.  Make informed decisions with a complete view of your business across all of your online and in-person sales with our Customers API, Catalog API and Inventory API. Susoft APIs allow you to transfer transaction data into a CRM, OMS, ERP, or any enterprise business solution.


Customers API

It allows you to read customer information from the Susoft Customer API. 




Catalog API

Use the Susoft category API to get a correct picture of the Inventory. 




Inventory API

Allowing you to make a variety of reports based on Susoft back office inventory information.  




Back office integration

All the API we are offering is based on reading and write back-office information to a 3 part solution. 



  • Susoft Help You Manage Your Business

    Use blog to be visible online

    Susoft has an integrated blog in our website. This is important for increasing visibility on the net. Write about your products. Take pictures and post videos on Youtube.



  • Make a custom club

    Susoft allows you to create a customer club. Treat your best customers like real VIPs. Give it attention with great deals, invite them in a closed view, give them benefits.



Fast setup, no commitments

Start using eSusoft online shopping

If you already have a website and want to go on using it, then only copy the URL or Embedded code from Susoft and past it into your existing site. Choose a theme you like and go public. 

Susoft has two alternative webshops. One is Magento and the other is eSusoft. Susoft’s own ‘eSusoft online store’ is free and you are up and running in minutes. For larger customers,  Magento is the right choice.  Here you have to pay a smaller upfront amount and a license per month.

Use eSusoft as a order system or as a fully working webshop. 

You can start using an eSusoft as a booking solution. Let customers order goods and services we eSusoft. Expand with payment solution and use eSusoft as a complete but simple eCommerce solution.

Be able to sell in all Chanel with Susoft

You have now uploaded all the tools you need to be ready to capture new customers. With this toolbox, it’s now up to you. Without a little effort, nothing will work.

Start building with Susoft

Build Your Contract with Susoft

Sellers told us that having contracts would help them create good customer experiences and avoid payment disputes. Use our basic templates to tailor contracts for your business needs. They’re free to use—click the link below to get started.



For Susoft you are important as a customer. We do what we can to focus on you and your needs. You are also free to send us suggestions for improvements and wishes. We take your wishes seriously.


Set expectations

As a Susoft customer, you can expect extraordinary solutions. We take pride in delivering something you can easily use, at a great price and with content that fully meets your expectations.



Go for a secure, fast, robust solution both in-store and online. Go for a solution you actually get to use without a doctorate in IT.


Have the freedom to sell any way you want to. Choose a plan that works best for your business or get started today for FREE.


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Callbilled annually


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