About Susoft

Susoft delivers complete and robust retail solutions to the retail sector. We serve clients from both Norway and abroad.
Susoft established himself as a public limited company in 1982, and after 30 years we are still here in Bergen.

We offer “SaaS software as a service”, also referred to as cloud solutions. Our customers are individual shops and chain stores. We believe that all shops should afford a robust store data solution with high functionality, regardless of company size. Therefore, we have chosen a business model that provides user-friendly, functional solutions at a low price. Many believe Susoftløsningene is the best combination of “price / performance” you get in the market today.

Although low-cost model is demanding, we have got many good and useful experience for over 30 years in the industry. Experience from our customers has been instrumental in shaping the Susoft Retail is today, and we still listens to the needs of over 500 customers. Together with our customers we maintain a continuous development, so that all the stores always have new solutions, based on free updates.