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Frauds during online payments are a common occurrence in modern days. According to a recent survey, millions of dollars are defrauded each year. Online frauds can be difficult to trace if appropriate security measures are missing. Online payments are fast gaining in acceptance due to speedy processing of credit cards, immediate access to the payment portal, the hassle-free return of money, check processing and email notifications as well.

Most people adhere to online payments, as it is possible to access the payment portal at any possible time. Online payments occur in a 24*7 format and the fund transfer happens on an immediate basis. It is possible to determine that online payments occur in a secure manner. To make online payments a safe option, it is necessary to use a secure solution like Susoft. 

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    Susoft has done the work for you. By choosing secure payment solution providers in both software and hardware, you avoid many of the problems you might otherwise have encountered. Run a secure solution with Susoft

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    Secure hardware, secure payments

    Secure payment is not just about a secure payment terminal. It concerns the hardware and your general care.

    Never Disclose Personal Details
    Never Disclose Credit Card Number
    Contact Merchant / Company Directly
    Main Accurate Records
    Verify Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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