Run your fashion store how you’ve always wanted.

Creating good earnings within the fashin is demanding. You have to be creative and think out of the box, but you have to be in control. Control on purchases, stock, wastage, prices and much more. In Susoft you get a solution that helps you with all this and gives you control.



  • Susoft software

    Stay on top of your business.

    You run a business and you MUST make money. You have costs for premises, staff, goods and much more. The only ones you can make money from are your customers. The big question is how to provide better service and good quality at lower costs. 

    Susoft cannot help you with everything, but we can provide you with a tool where it is possible to reduce costs and increase service and quality.  Choose a solution that allows you to become one of the best in your industry

  • Build a customer loyalty program

    Make good purchases

    In Fashion, you have to make the right purchase. Trends are one thing, but you must have the right number. You should be able to deliver to anyone who wants to buy, but also sell out before the season is over. You should sell at the right price throughout the season. You should be able to easily create campaigns. And you should be in control of liquidity and earnings. If you use Susoft correctly, you get control


  • Susoft software Cost

    Make a custom club

    Loyal customers are important. You create loyalty through good products, good prices and good service, but maintain contact with customers via mail, sms or social media. Invite the customer into your VIP club and give them goodies. A good customer club easily gives you more than 5% extra sales without spending a lot of time on it. It’s about routines and tools


  • Tink out of the box

    Fashion as an industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. Customers demand more and it is a matter of course that one must be available in many channels such as networks. But you can also book time with the seller who can then bring the desired product (often several sizes) and go home to the customer. The customer can try and then pay what is appropriate for a small extra charge for driving. Use Susoft “Appointment” software for this. It’s free


We’re bringing a lot to the table.
Let’s review.


  • Register all purchases directly
  • Full control on prices and stock
  • Easy way to maintain prices
  • Maintain both store and online products from one place
  • Automatic export of data to ERP 


  • Run Pos on 15,6″ tablet, on a 10″ tablet or on your mobile. 
  • Use tablet ore mobile to serve the customers 
  • Connect one ore more card terminals to one Pos. 
  • Run a local server connected to the cloud to secure your business. 
  • Let the customer order from there one mobile. 


  • Select among a long range of payment terminals. 
  • We give you the lowest transaction fee in the business. 
  • We only cooperate with known brands like Verifone, Bambora, SumUp and more. 

More ways to help you grow.


It is much easier to create more business with satisfied customers. However, this requires that you know the mobile number or the customer’s email address. By offering a customer club with some benefits, you will be able to create a much better business. Do it with Susoft VIP module, step by step.  


Send push notification, SMS or mail to your customers. Don’t overdo it, but only when you have great deals or events. Make customers feel important and that you appreciate them. Use the Susoft marketing module to achieve better business. 


Use Susoft e-commerce to reach new and old customers. Using social media, let the website become an app when customers open the page on their mobile. New business is most easily created via the web today. Don’t be overtaken. 


Flexible Pricing

Add additional points of sale.

 call Per location, includes one POS