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Make informed decisions with a complete view of your business across all of your online and in-person sales with our Customers API, Catalog API and Inventory API. Susoft APIs allow you to transfer transaction data into a CRM, OMS, ERP, or any enterprise business solution.


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Your customers are carrying EMV chip cards, using their phones to pay, and still paying with magstripe cards, too. With Susoft Stand you’ll never miss a sale.


Verifone is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, that provides technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point-of-sale. Verifone sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems to the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government and healthcare industries. The company’s products consist of POS electronic payment devices that run its own operating systems, security and encryption software, and certified payment software, and that are designed for both consumer-facing and unattended environments.


SumUp is a mobile payments company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.  The idea of SumUp was conceived in 2011, and the company was founded in 2012[4]. Investors include American ExpressBBVA Ventures and Groupon.[3]

The first product was officially launched in August 2012. Initially, the main office was in Berlin, Germany, but the headquarter is now in London, United Kingdom.

  • Chip & PIN and NFC card terminal: SumUp’s main product is an EMV card reader which can read magnetic strip, chip (“Chip and Pin”), and RFID/NFC (“contactless”) payment cards.[7] The card reader pairs with an Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, to verify payments through the Internet.


Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets is among the top payment processors in Europe. We keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for our customers to handle digital payments and related services. This has made us a trusted partner to more than 700,000 merchant outlets, including 140,000 online merchant outlets, more than 260,000 enterprises and over 250 banks across Europe.

The Nordics have led the way in the development of digital payments and related services and are the most digitized region in Europe. With our Nordic heritage, Nets has played a key role in this development by shaping a new digital reality based on innovation, stability, and security. It’s our ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions and ensure we remain a reliable hub of the European payments industry.

We make taking payments one less thing to worry about.

Like all Verifone solutions, Point Enterprise is an EMV-certified and PCI-compliant subscription-based service that removes payment logic from the POS, limiting PCI & PA-DSS exposure.

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    Why chooce Verifone

    When looking to take credit card payments, a lot of people don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. This is okay as it’s not really all that important for a user to understand. However, luckily, there are companies working in the background, and they do a lot for the industry. One of those companies is Verifone, and here is a short guide on what this company does for clients.

    • Easy to use
    • Safe company with many installations 
    • OK price 
    • Good service

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    Why choocing Nets

    Nets A / S is a Nordic supplier of payment and information services headquartered in Denmark. Since 2009 we have been known as Nets, but our history goes back to 1968.

    We have more than 2500 employees in five countries, with local offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn.

    • Easy to use
    • Safe company with many installations 
    • OK Price
    • Good service

  • Susoft Online Store

    Why choocing SumUp

    Founded on the premise that small business owners are under-served, SumUp built a payments service solution revolving around them.

    Our user-friendly card reader offers card and contactless payments for a simple fee-per-transaction. No monthly fees. No confusing policies. Pay when you get paid.

    Free delivery of our card reader, paperless onboarding and a five-minute setup make payment processing easy for first-time business owners.

    • User-friendly card reader
    • Accept all major cards, contactless, Google and Apple Pay
    • Transparent pricing

Us a safe payment metode

Take in-person payments, too.

Turn your computer into an in-person terminal

Take in-person card payments by adding Susoft SumUp Reader for magstripe to your Android tablet,  Android mobile or Chromebook.

Transparent rates for in-person and online payments

Accept in-person credit card payments at a rate of 2.75% for every swipe.



There are no monthly fees if you use SumUp. Only pay for processing when you accept card payments. There are no fees for checks or cash.

Let's talk about stability

Verifone’s Retail Solutions offer the flexibility of mobility, secure payments (reducing your risk of a breach), and the choice of terminals that best fit your business model. Verifone’s payment experts guide you towards industry best practices and futureproofing your investments for whatever tomorrow brings.