Café and canteens



Conducting a good cafe, requires passion, dedication and good practices. Susoft help with a solution that provides the flexibility to do what you do best.

You can also use the tablet to take orders.

Do you have a tablet on checkout, you can just take it with you to the table and take the order. The order is in the kitchen before you leave the table. Naturally, you can take orders at checkout behind the counter as before. Everything is up to you and what fits best.

You can add notes, park orders, take payment directly to avoid failures. Your customers will love your service. And you can handle multiple clients in a short time.



Perfect for quick service

Susoft is quick to use. You can use the built-in context menu or scan items as you wish. You can add notes, or mark the order with a table. Printing work orders to the kitchen is a breeze.


Online order takeaway

Your customers can place orders via your online store, which appear automatically on your kitchen display at the specified time when the customer wants to pick up the goods. In addition, you can communicate with the customer if the customer has downloaded Susoft ordering app. You can easily say, “being 15 minutes late, ok?”. Here, the customer receives a message through the app on his mobile and can quickly select OK or No.

Syusoft offers a “kitchen” screen that allows you to control production in the kitchen. Optimize consumption of raw materials and “manpower”.

It is made for you

With everything you need for follow-up and growth

To start using Susoft is easy

Order system through a registration on this website, or through the order from one of our dealers.


Follow-up of inventory is simple, down to the color, size and length, whether oxidation desired it.

More Payment Options

Susoft accept course, be cash, cards, bonus, invoice and you can split the payment if you wish.

Service ordre

Want to offer repair of items such as boats, cars, bicycles, computers, mobile and much more, the service module is perfect for you.

Built webstore

Looking to sell on line, our integrated online store super easy to start with. Here you started with some keystrokes (if you can use some of our templates).

chain solution

Do you have 2 or 100+ stores? The system works as easily and effectively anyway.

Work “offline”

Continue to sell even if internet is down. The system will automatically synchronize with the cloud when the network is up.

Free updates

With a valid license will be automatically update to the latest editions without you noticing anything. Everything will be done automatically in the background without it costing you anything.


Susoft works with a plethora of hardware. Click here and see what we can offer. We can also help you choose another compatibel hardware.

customer club

Create your own customer club with its own website and sending information via sms, mail or “instant message” via separate app.

Real time status

Data is updated in the cloud in real time.

24×7 Support

Ssuoft is easy to use, but sometimes you need help. Then just send us email or call (if you have phone support in your agreement). Our support department is open between 0900 and 1600 without charge. Moreover, you can call us until 22:00 on weekdays and 18:00 on weekends. Then you will be charged 400, – per call.